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This Shoot With Muscular Women Shows Them Crushing Stereotypes Bare-Handed

Elle India’s beauty issue this May features muscular women who have sculpted their bodies and thrown every feminine stereotype out the window. | Badass Photos Of Muscular Women Crushing Feminine Stereotypes With Their Bare Hands

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5 Tips for Building Muscle!

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30 Rules You Must Follow At The Gym, So You Don't Enrage Everyone Around You

"So you say muscular women look manly. Tell me again how eating that fourth cupcake makes you womanly".

Body-Sculpting Fitness Workouts for Women 101

HOW TO BUILD MUSCLE FOR WOMEN The reason I decided to write this gender-specific article is that there are physiological differences that need to be considered. READ MORE

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Free Weights Full Back Workout For Sexy & Toned Back

You shouldn't keep yourself from heavier weights in order to get that sexy popped muscles. Now let's get started with the best full back workout ever!

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The 11 Best Photography Books of 2011

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Secret Fitness Tips For Women

I have been finding it difficult to stay motivated mentally and it's been affecting me in other ways! I don't have time for that sort of shit, brain! Gotta keep myself together cuz stage time is coming closer and closer! -RW

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