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The Secret to Being Fit for Life: Muscle Memory

Muscle memory. Continuous exercise forges well-worn pathways in your brain that become your muscle memory. So no matter how long it's been, you can get fit again.

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The ICE Foundation DVD kit If you want to become symmetrical and structurally/mechanically sound, the ICE DVD collection is your in-home source for experiencing a head to toe "muscle memory makeover"

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Take a yoga break at work and boost your productivity! This 8 minute yoga flow stimulates the brain and central nervous system to enhance memory and concentration, and improve your mental focus.

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2-Minute, 3-Move Wall Workout to Instantly Sculpt Arms and Abs

Wall Workout to Instantly Sculpt Arms and Abs: Even if your goal isn't to be able to do a handstand, your upper body and core can benefit greatly from practicing two exercises yogis often do to strengthen their muscles in order to hold this advanced pose.

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It's long been known that retraining muscle is easier than the first time around, but what's the real story behind

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Workout Routine: Muscle Memory Moves

Scientists have discovered that you can train your body to retain a fitness blueprint, which makes getting back into shape after a slump a whole lot easier. Learn how to jog your muscles' memory