Diagram of muscle tissue. I love this. No wonder we are so strong! Look at all those fibers packed in there! I remember learning this in Anatomy and Physiology and nerding out :-)

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There are three types of muscle contractions - isometric, concentric and eccentric. Eccentric contractions are likely to cause more severe #DOMS than other contractions.

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This is page of muscle notes. It puts the process in a diagram form that makes it more applicable for learning the steps.

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The Mechanism of Muscle Contraction - Mod 11 ch 20 5:07, Philippina speaker, great pictures with Myofibrils, Sarcomere, Actin & Myosin filaments labled. Good one to watch and read the labels.

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The actions of the extraocular muscles depend on the position of the eye at the time of muscle contraction. Description from lookfordiagnosis.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

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