Symptoms of Sciatica- Pain, tingling or numbness that radiates through the lower back, buttocks, and down the back of the leg possibly as far as the foot. Pain starts slowly and worsens after standing, sitting, bending backward, walking or sleeping at night #mendmyhip #backpain

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The Path of the Facial Nerve Through the Temporal Bone and the Muscles of Facial Expression and Innervation by Cranial Nerve VII (Facial Nerve)

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Magnesium food deficiency has been linked to migraine headaches because of its importance in balancing neurotransmitters in the body.

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This Bath Pulls Toxins Out of The Body, Improves Muscle And Nerve Function, Reduces Inflammation And Improves Blood Flow

The most common characteristic I find are aggravated myofascial trigger points (TrPs) in the piriformis muscle. Piriformis trigger points are often confused for a herniated disc, sciatica, or oth...

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Breaking Sugar Addiction. (although i believe sugar is okay in moderation, these are some ways to satisfy your craving for sweets without the sugar.)

Sciatic Nerve: large nerve in humans & other animals; beings in lower back & runs through the buttock & down the lower limb; longest & widest single nerve in human body; supplies nearly the whole of the skin of the leg, muscles of back of thigh, and those of the leg and foot; derived from spinal nerves

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hand bone and tendon chart | Anatomical Charts – For Loan and Download -Carpenter Library - Wake ...

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