Photo of those killed at the Munich Massacre. The 1972 Summer Olympics held in Munich, West Germany, and On September 5, a group of 8 Palestinians belonging to the Black September organization broke into the Olympic Village & took 9 Israeli athletes, coaches & officials hostage in their apartments.

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On September 5, 1972 a day before the Olympic Games were to begin, eight Palestinian terrorists entered the Olympic Village and seized eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team. Two of the hostages were able to wound two of their captors before they were killed. The terrorists requested the release of 234 Palestinians that were being held in Israel.

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Munich Massacre, 40 years on: Sportsmail remembers the Olympics darkest hour

Munich Massacre: Eleven members of the Israeli team, five Palestinian terrorists and a West Germany policeman died when terrorists broke in the Olympic village

50 Olympic moments that stunned the world, Nos 25-16

USA's Mark Spitz shows the 7 gold medals he won during the 1972 Olympic Games. 'I know I say I don't want to swim before every event but this time I'm serious. "If I swim six and win six, I'll be a hero.

Bob Costas joins in outrage as Olympics Opening Ceremony does not mention 1972 Munich massacre victims (and U.S. broadcaster NBC replaces tribute to 7/7 victims with bland Michael Phelps interview)

NBC's Bob Costas noted a controversy over honouring Israeli athletes killed at the Olympics 40 years ago during his coverage of the opening ceremony but stopped short of offering his own protest.

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German neo-Nazis helped Palestinian terrorists kill 11 Israeli athletes in 1972 Munich Massacre, intelligence files reveal

Tragic: A combination photograph shows the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches who were killed during the Munich Olympic Games in 1072

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