Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Plus Minus Printable Game (Multiplying Positive & Negative Numbers)

Our grade son is taking grade math. Suddenly, I& having to relearn all the stuff I& forgotten about pre-algebra and such.

An Explanation of why Multiplying Negatives Makes A Positive. (Be prepared to sit and think after you read the examples!)

Multiplying Negative Numbers Definition: If A and B are positive numbers then we can define A x-B = -(AxB) Concept Meaning : .

Multiplying Integers. (6-7 grade) 2 player. Black = Positive numbers Red = Negative Numbers each player flips over a card at the same time, the first to get the answer keeps the cards. Who ever has the most cards wins. (Pair students who are on the same level to provide a fair game)

Integer Flash

Integer Flash - Multiplying positive and negative integers is an important skill. Your students will love the challenge of trying to find the correct products first in this fun math activity!