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Multicoloured wall mirrors

Fabric covered mirror - no tutorial - The Swirls Mirror- The Carved Oval Leaf mahogany mirror to order wrapped in single colours or patch work, by the nature of the patchworked process no two pieces are exactly the same. Fabrics used include woven silks, velvets and printed and woven cottons.


Look at all these fabulous colors!! Apple green, yellows, tangerine, them all! And the black and white ceiling trim! and wicked interiors for your


Designer surreal concept mirror (18" x 24") - The "Dali" Mirror by Marvellous Mirrors. A decorative wall mirror inspired by the art work of Salvador Dali. This multicoloured wall mirror will suit and enhance any bright empty wall. Dali is an original masterpiece in the form of surrealistic art, from the art movement in the 1920's. This is a very curvy sculptural mirror with one outward extending point or "expression", with free flowing forms reflecting from within. It has metallic silver...