Eldritch Moon Art—Week 1 | MAGIC: THE GATHERING

wizardsmagic: “ Emrakul, the Promised End - Art by Jaime Jones ” Jaime nailed this is a hell of an understatement.

Nicol Bolas, planeswalker

MTG - Magic The Gathering Deck Building

Nikol Bolas, the dragon. One of the strongest Planeswalker and dragon in the MTG universe.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance - Kaladesh MtG Art

Gorilla Games, Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh prerelease is this weekend! It's a great time for new and experienced players alike!

Elspeth, Sun's Champion || Tyler Jacobson || Dual Decks: Elspeth v. Kiora || Magic: the Gathering

Elspeth, Sun’s Champion (Elspeth vs. Kiora) MtG Art by Tyler Jacobson

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25 incroyables illustrations de Jason Chan