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The president might as well put up a billboard at the border advertising for MS-13 to come here because the country is free, unprotected game.


MS-13, documentary, and list of others with it. You want to know more about the gang members that are flooding through the boarders right now check this out, they are one of the fastest growing gangs across the globe-Obama must be personally and financially accountable for any damage or hard that results because of the mismanagement of current border activities orchestrated by him and his administration.

7.11.14 Violent gang MS-13 taking advantage of immigration crisis, using border as recruiting hub: The infamous gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, is reportedly taking advantage of the immigration crisis along the U.S. border. They’re trying to recruit other teenage boys that are sharing cells with them and they’re using the phones that the Red Cross has set up. They’re also using those as a way to communicate with gang members already in U.S. cities.” | The Washington Times