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*seriously*, america, *seriously* you chose TRUMP over OBAMA

*seriously*, america, *seriously* you chose TRUMP over OBAMA

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Shows the character of Mr Trump when even the dark side would be "whoa dude. enough."

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El artículo que desató el enojo de Trump vs Vanity Fair. I guess not everything that touches Mr. Trump is good.

Paul Craig Roberts: A Case Study in the Creation of Fake News Paul Craig Roberts For many weeks we have witnessed the extraordinary attack by the CIA and its assets in Congress and the media on Donald Trumps election. In an unprecedented effort to delegitimize Trumps election as the product of Russian interference in the election the CIA media senators and representatives have consistently made wild accusations for which they have no evidence. The CIAs message to Trump is clear: Get in…

Trump says he's the only one tough enough to stand up to ISIS. Throws a hissy fit over SNL making fun of him.

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Mr. Trump a true American hero! Mr. Trump took the crooked elite to task and Mr. Trump won. Now with Mr. Trump help we will be Great Again!

Rieder: Presidential? Show us, Mr. Trump

Earlier this week, Mr. Trump called for a shutdown on Muslims entering the United States until everyone can

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