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Mister Sinister: During the 19th Century, Nathaniel Essex encountered Apocalypse who used his technology to transform Essex into “Sinister,” the last word his dying wife ever spoke to him.


Mister Sinister, Carnage & More: Marvel VILLAINS We NEED!

Something a lot of people discuss are the heroes we should see come into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other Marvel based films, in some cases who are also overdue...


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Former thief who served as field leader. Infiltrated Apocalypse's Horsemen in X-Men, vol. 2 #184 and then Mister Sinister's Marauders. On-and-off boyfriend of Rogue. His primary weapons are cards, and his secondary weapon is his bo staff. Formerly a senior staff member at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.


With initial powers bestowed by Apocalypse, Nathaniel Essex became Mr. Sinister. Since the late 19th century, he has used DNA samples from various mutants to grant himself a wide array of powers. He remains an amoral and insatiable experimenter on mutants, and a mortal enemy of the X-Men.

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marvel comics: " mister sinister " (señor sinistro) - kevinstone_12

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