Jamie's piccalilli

No ploughman's is complete without this. Let it mellow in a dark cool cupboard for 1 month before eating. This is the best piccalilli I've ever had. Pile it onto your plate with a ploughman's or spice up ham and colcannon with a generous dollop.


Mr Pickles Is another weird/ ultra violent/ hilarious show from adult swim about a satanic dog and his boy


Doktorspiele | Mr. Pickles | Adult Swim


Guys #MRPICKLES season 2 premieres tonight. At midnight. ON ADULT SWIM. You should watch it. I have not worked on anything so hard in my whole life. So I hope you like it. Or hate it. by satan__dong


History building Henry Henderson It was Mr Henry Henderson who first started producing the spicy Yorkshire sauce which we still proudly produce in the heart of Sheffield today. Founding the business between 1881 and 1883, Henry Henderson owned the company for just short of 30 years, before selling it in 1910 to pickle makers Shaws of Huddersfield.

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