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Movies In Waco Tx

*WWII pin honoring Pearl Harbor hero Dorie Miller, a black messman who was untrained in machine gun use due to rigid Naval segregation policies. Miller took over a machine gun aboard the USS West Virginia and was officially credited with downing two Japanese planes. He was honored as one of the first heroes of World War II, and six months after the attack was given the Navy Cross by Admiral Chester Nimitz.

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Joker Quote :: Exactly! I get so pissed off when people are mad at me for no "good" reason...opportunity wasted...could've given a b**ch a real reason to hate me

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Waco Drive-In, Waco, TX- memories of my family in the station wagon with big bottles of root beer & Momma's homemade bread. Family togetherness watching the movies!

This picture was taken in Waco, TX, ca. July 1958. Elvis was 23 at the time and stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. There is a second picture which shows Elvis posing with Waco Theater owner Claude Stewart. The striped shirt that Elvis is wearing was lent to him by his friend from Waco, Eddie Fadal. See more at:

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Steve Martin Was A Mega Heartthrob Back In The Day

I have been listening to a lot of Steve Martin lately. Who knew he ever looked like this? Rawr.

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