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Vintage Movie Posters by Mark Welser

Harry also: saved the sorcerers stone, can speak parsletong, defeated tom riddle and a basilisk, saved Sirius and buckbeak, survived the triwizard tournament, survived a Voldemort attack, delt with the prophecy, watched loads of people die, survived and won the battle of hogwarts. So yeah Harry's the best.

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The 34 Movies You Need To See This Summer

Pitch Perfect 2 #film | I do have some misgivings about certain characterisations and the representation of the non-white and straight characters but I can't deny I didn't laugh...alot.

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The Dark Knight (2008)

Not a superhero movie, a crime drama about choices, morality and the unclear lines between right and wrong, using Batman as the principal player in a battle against a force of chaos that transforms his beloved city into a battlefield, brought on by the greatest enemy he ever faced, that won't even look at most of the people he murders: The Joker.

A mystery that nicely unravels as it moves along… I love a good mystery. I enjoy stories that present a central question for which the answer will eventually be revealed. Of course, it’s not just the thrill of finally discovering the answer that’s worthwhile, but also the intrigue of looking for the answer and predicting …