1913-1924: Inside a dressing room at the Moulin Rouge

Pictures unveil the exotic life inside the notorious Moulin Rouge

A century of bawdy fun at the Moulin Rouge 1924 The Hoffman Girls backstage before a performance.

Courtney Love lost the role of Satine to Nicole Kidman, and has made no secret of her resentment against Kidman. Love dedicated her song Miss World, about a self-loathing beauty queen, to Kidman on the 1999 tour with her band Hole.

22 Things You Didn't Know About Baz Luhrmann's 'Moulin Rouge'

My obsession with Moulin Rouge is pretty much entirely based on how much fun Nicole Kidman obviously had acting in it. Plus this look is priceless.

"A maior coisa que alguma vez aprenderás é amar e ser amado de volta", Moulin Rouge. Ian Simmons

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Play this song - loud. Hes no Frangoulis or Cura...but my goodness, he makes me shiver...

Play this song - loudly. He's no Crawford or Bocelli .but my goodness, Ewan McGregor makes me shiver.