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Bell Bullitt Helmet - Solid Black | Full Face Motorcycle Helmets | FREE UK delivery - The Cafe Racer

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3Hƒ0® | #Jbike #Aprilia RSV4

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Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Company, American manufacturer of luxury automobiles. Founded in Des Moines, Iowa,by brothers August & Frederick Duesenberg. Duesenberg was active in various forms from 1913 - 1937. A distinctive feature of the Duesenberg was the "bowtie" style front bumper, which used two pieces of steel, with the top piece bent to resemble a bowtie. Pictured is a 1930 'Model J' Dusenberg.

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Steve McQueen's introduction to Triumph motorcycles

Steve McQueen's introduction to Triumph motorcycles - Telegraph

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It’s All Hotting Up at Ford All-New Ford GT Carbon Fibre Supercar Just back from a test drive in the rather good Ford Ranger Pick-up and recent launches of two of the best selling cars in the world made by Ford. The New #Mondeo and New #Focus. #Performance it appears is now on the list for the global manufacturer and not just another hot hatch. That comes next week with the launch of the exciting #FocusST No here we have it an Ultra High Performance Supercar. #Ford #Driving

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Just another bike with a meter on the tank …

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1902 De Dietrich. In Alsace, De Dietrich is more than just a short-lived, early car manufacturer. It’s an old family that owned lots of land and had lots of titles. They entered industry in the 1840s and in 1897 they sold their first automobiles. Strangely, as beautiful and well-engineered as these cars were, the De Dietrich marque would be gone after 1905 as the cars were then sold as Lorraine-Dietrichs.

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Gears | Design Technology Educational School Posters

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Goodwood Greats: Broadspeed Jaguar XJ12C

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ANZANI - An Italian engine manufacturer living in France - Alessandro Anzani, sold engines to various motorcycle companies

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You may think you know everything there is to know about motorcycle manufacturers. But how good are you when it comes to naming which bike was fastest in each of their respective era's? Click the image to test yourself now! #Motorcycle #Motorbike #Rider #RidingLife #Riders #Bikers #BikeLife #Biking #FastestBikes #BikesOfThePast #BikesOfIG

Diana Dors' stunning 1949 Delahaye Type 175 Roadster: Considered by some to be the most beautiful car in the world, sold at auction for $3000000.

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1960 Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire Mark II. So, how many people actually remember Armstrong Siddeley .... or that they were made in Coventry. This car was the prototype, with four headlamps, which was due to be exhibited at the 1960 Earls Court Motor Show ... until the company decided to pull out of manufacturing cars per se

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#Vincent Black Shadow, Series-D Vincent #Motorcycles | Vincent Motorcycles was a British manufacturer and also the makers of world’s fastest motorcycles in its era. In 1948 the Black Shadow was the worlds fastest production motorcycle.

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The Ducati 916 Senna :Between 1996 and 1998, to pay tribute to Ayrton Senna, Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati produced special Senna editions of their 916 superbike. Ducati was at the time owned by Claudio Castiglioni, a personal friend of Ayrton Senna who was an avid Ducati lover.

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