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How to Hack Your Brain to Stop Motion Sickness

10 Tips for How to Avoid Motion Sickness

Do you travel and suffer with motion sickness? My 9 tips will help! #TravelTribe #MotionSickness #TravelSick

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My kids have a road trip coming up, and for us, that always means preparing for nausea. I whipped up this simple, DIY Essential oils for motion sickness recipe, and wanted to share with all of you, because summer means lots of car rides! Vacation is (a lot) more fun when no one is throwing …

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Photo (1000 Life Hacks)

Who the fuck was rubbing themselves when they had motion sickness and figured this out?... DONT TRY THIS. I tried it because I was feeling sick, crashed my car into an...

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DIY Anti-Motion Sickness Spray With Essential Oils

Whether #nausea is caused by motion sickness or something else, aromatherapy is a great thing to try. These scents will relax the mind and body and clear your senses.

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Vancouver, Canada ~ soooooo walked across this, got motion sickness, and realized I had to go back across. Ohhhhh it was bad!

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6 Motion-Sickness Remedies

Benadryl for Motion Sickness. Take recommended dose about an hour before travel.

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