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Mother Jones. Born Mary Harris Jones. (c. 1830 - Nov. 30, 1930). After she lost her husband and 4 kids (all under age 5) to yellow fever, and her dress-shop to the Chicago Fire, she became a worker's rights leader. At one time called, "the most dangerous woman in America." Mother Jones supported Appalachian coal miners and encouraged them to unionize. Fucking hell.

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Mother Jones

Mother Jones at the White House in Washington DC, 1924. Labor leader Mother Jones was known as a radical union organizer who fought to organize miners. In her later years she also worked for child labor reform. She was sometimes known as the Mother of All Agitators.

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In the Blink of an Eye

You will never have this day with your children again

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Bust improver

1910 Bust improver by Dickins & Jones retailers. Bust-improver made from lace and interwoven figured silk satin ribbons, boning, mother-of-pearl buttons. Another early version of the bra. See more at

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Dear Photograph Project by Taylor Jones

  A friend showed me this website that is basically people around the world re-photographing scene from the past it could be their past or someone they love like childhood photos. i found the website to be quite interesting.

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Rationing and chores... How Fifties woman was so much healthier than us