A mother and child symbol interwoven with the infinity symbol, and the triquetra. A permanent reminder of how completely blessed we are to be a parent ... and that, no matter what happens, our love for our child is infinite, unchanging, and spiritually blessed.

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41. As long as I’m Living… My Baby You’ll Be 42. You and I 43. Mama & Baby Elephant 44. Be Brave 45. XO Tattoos 46. Feather Tattoos 47. Mother And Daughter Symbol 48. Clover Tattoos 49. Celtic Symbol Celtic symbol for a mother and child. 50. Two Bodies, One Soul

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Mother daughter bond tattoo The top loop is mother in Swahili. The bottom loop means daughter in Swahili. And the infinity symbol brings them together in "bond" by sonja

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Celtic mother - daughter symbol

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