Fay Godwin, a noted British photographer, most widely known for her black-and-white landscapes of the British countryside and coast.

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Robert Mapplethorpe - White Gauze, 1984. http://www.sympathyfortheartgallery.com/post/25596875634/alecshao-robert-mapplethorpe-white-gauze#

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10 Portrait Photographers You Should Follow Right Now on 500px

fotograaf Lee Jeffries. His collection of black and white portraits of homeless people is unique and stunning. He depicts a glimpse of hope in the eyes of his subjects. Simply touching�

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The Most Iconic Photographs From National Geographic's 125-Year History

The Most Iconic Photographs From National Geographic's 125-Year History. Perhaps the most iconic National Geographic photo, Steve McCurry snapped this picture of an Afghan girl in a Pakistan refugee camp in 1984. It almost went unnoticed, until one editor rescued it from a pile and stuck it on the June 1985 Cover. Absolutely stunning photo. #nationalgeographic

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Leeds Castle is one of the most famous castles in England. Beautifully situated on two small islands in a lake in the heart of Kent.

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The Piccadilly circus is one of the London's busiest squares in London. Have your picture taken in front of iconic advertising billboards!

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Famous Photographers: 225 tips to inspire you

Digital Camera World has interviewed some of the best and most famous photographers in its time. Martin Parr, Rankin, David Doubilet, Jill Furmanovsky, Bryan Adams (yes, that Bryan Adams)... it's an impressive roster of talented lensmen and lenswomen.

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Chief Iron Tail. When I was a young man full of myself and strong as the buffalo, a respected tribal Elder took me aside one day, and said "What you do not know is the only thing you know". I did not listen, nor understood, and carried on in my usual arrogant manner. If he had said that to me now, I would listen, and I would understand.

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The $6.5m canyon: it's the most expensive photograph ever – but it's like a hackneyed poster in a posh hotel

"Afghan Girl" portrait by Steve McCurry which was featured on the cover of the National Geographic in June 1985.

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