Diseño Vida de Lujo: Most Expensive Caviar en el Mundo

Almas Caviar , Find Complete Details about Almas Caviar,Almas Caviar from Roe Supplier or Manufacturer-Adamas Caviar

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most expensive caviar Almas, caviar (fish eggs) of fish Beluga Iran worth about dollars per kg or about Rp 452 million. This caviar from the rare fish eggs years old.

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Caviar Is an Eastern European Favorite

Caviar Is an Eastern European Favorite: Photo of Collins Caviar

Almas Caviar According to the Guinness World Records, this is not only the most expensive caviar in the world, it's also the most expensive food in the world. The caviar comes from a rare albino fish that swims in the Caspian sea and is priced at around $36,868.

Almas iranian caviar - the ultimate, and rare, caviar specialty, from white sturgeons. With Cristal, an exquisite pleasure.

Golden #Caviar is the most expensive caviar in the world. It is usually referred to as royal caviar. Ladies, we are queens and princesses and we deserve only the best. #caviar #iran #sterlet #sturgeon #almas #beluga #roe #delicacy #crackers

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At $40,000 per Teaspoon, Albino Caviar Named “White Gold” Is the World’s Most Expensive Food

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