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Brooke sailed with the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force on 28 Feb. 1915 but developed sepsis from an infected mosquito bite. He died at 4:46 pm on 23 Apr. 1915 in a French hospital ship moored in a bay off the island of Skyros in the Aegean on his way to the landing at Gallipoli.


Calamine lotion used in the 1950s for sun burn, poison ivy blisters. It is a chalky pink color. Calamine is either a mixture of Zinc Oxide with about 0.5% ferric oxide or a zinc carbonate compound. In a 1992 press release, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that no proof had been submitted showing calamine to be safe for use or effective in treating bug bites, stings & rashes from poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac.


I'm sure lots of you have this "weed" in your yard, but the Plantain herb has anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. you can crush it and hold it on a mosquito bite and it stops the itch!


All about Plantain

All about Plantain - this grow all over our backyard and we use it for mosquito bites.


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