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Askham Bryan: Young Gardeners of the Year Show Garden

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Another fact is that adult dragonflies will devour just about anything they can catch. Dragonflies usually eat mosquitoes, bees, gnats, butterflies, termites, and other bugs. When they are in the nymph stage, they eat small fish, tadpoles, mosquito larvae, worms, and aquatic insects.

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Build a Patio Table with Built-In Ice Boxes

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The water is so clear…

Chimay Zhuang/Shimei Zhuang. A residential spring water garden located in Shimabara, Japan. Unique landscape utilizing the rich spring water, probably built in July added to list of Protected Cultural Properties. //

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Gold fish are thriving and keeping mosquitos away. This is their third summer in the rain barrels and are doing very well. In the winter I bring them inside and keep in a fish tank.

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Natural pond filters

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22 Beautiful Waterfalls for Natural Backyard and Front Yard Ladscaping

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Put Goldfish in your rain barrels to eat the mosquito larvae. put a clear lid on the barrel to stop the kids catching the fish

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