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Malaria (Anopheles mosquito). 1 in 4 million! Screened by history. I kind of thought you couldn't get disease via transfusion since you need to be bit by the mosquito= ask Tom.

Malaria Is The 'Greatest Success Story In Global Health': Nonprofit

Malaria Is The 'Greatest Success Story In Global Health': Nonprofit

This epidemiological image shows the mode of transmission, incidence, treatment and screening methods in regards to malaria. It gives statistics and also shows what is being done on the public health level to decrease incidence.


Mosquitoes can leave you with flesh-eating bug that causes 'zombie' ulcers

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: The bug is spread through mosquito bites and often does…

The CDC is raising alarm over travelers in the United States with the mosquito-borne Zika Virus. Find out more about this virus and how it could affect you complete with this infographic.


Zika outbreak: The mosquito menace

Zika is currently getting all the attention, but Aedes aegypti has long been known as the yellow fever mosquito. Yellow fever is a viral disease that can cause jaundice, bleeding and multiple organ failure in some cases. And 390 million people are infected with the dengue virus each year, largely as a result of bites from Aedes aegypti. Chikungunya, another virus causing alarm as it expands around the world, is also spread by the insects. They do it by biting someone who is infected and then

Skin infections, are one of the most common reasons why young children pay a visit to the doctor. Adults are likewise affected by this skin problem; however, most of them opt for self-diagnosis and self-medication. Identifying a rash is never an easy task, and it is even more difficult because a single type of rash with a mosquito bite-like resemblance can have different causes and relatively generic symptoms. | 3 Rashes that Look Like Mosquito Bites from #LoveToKnow