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I don't want to hurt you! (Antisepticeye/Jacksepticeye X Reader) - Doubts and smiles

Y/N, or you, meet the JACKSEPTICEYE while saving him from your roommate's boyfriend. But, he acts a lot differently tha...

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Por el fin de semana, Yo paso tiempo con mi hermano a veces, William. Nosotros jugamos videojuegos en su Playstation o mi DS. Nos gusta jugar Lego Batman 3, Lego Dimensions, Minecraft, y Mortal Kombat X, a pesar de que yo no puedo ganó William.

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Lol that is super funny because in my opinion no game could beat Bethesda studios

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Look how times change!! In 1995 I wasn't even born yet!! My parents weren't even married!! But its neat to see the differences Even when u look at MK 9 compared to MK 10!!

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