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I'm a sucker for a good poem.. they always leave me wishing I could write like that.

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In twenty years from now, I don't want your answer to be, "I haven't seen her in ages." In twenty years from now, I hope you say, "She's waiting for me at home."

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Frances Quinn’s Summer’s day wedding cake

Frances Quinn’s Summer’s day wedding cake. Frances creates her own version of the latest bridal trend - the 'naked' cake. She skips the traditional fondant icing for mascarpone seasonal berries.

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You were. I know it was all a lie. But you were all this and more to me. And I'm glad she is that for you! You don't deserve her. Remember that and treat her right this time.

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“In the morning, when she wishes me to wake, she crouches on my chest, and pats my face with her paw. Or, if I am on my side, she crouches looking into my face. Soft, soft touches of her paw. I open my eyes, say I don't want to wake. I close my eyes. Cat gently pats my eyelids. Cat licks my nose. Cat starts purring, two inches from my face. Cat, then, as I lie pretending to be asleep, delicately bites my nose. I laugh and sit up. At which she bounds off my bed and streaks downstairs -- to…

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I Wish My Teacher Knew

Not too long ago, third grade teacher Kyle Schwartz shared a classroom experience on Twitter. She had her students complete the sentence, “I wish my teacher knew…” Some of the res…

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See More Beautiful Images of the Pieces in the Met’s Alexander McQueen Exhibit

An image from the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met. Inspiring! Possible for woman's dress.

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A lot of people don't know the truth about Tinkerbell. She wasn't a fairy like fairy godmothers who talk and grant wishes; she was a pixie: not too intelligent and a bit mischievous, but always loyal. While so many perceive her as Peter Pan's little traitor, she was simply a little creature with a heart of gold. After all, pixies are so small, they only have room for one feeling at a time. :)

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pens Note to Girl Who Dressed Up as Her for Superhero Day

An 8-year-old girl who dressed as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her school’s superhero day last month received a handwritten note from Ginsburg with a special message. “You look just like me,” Ginsburg, 83, wrote to Michele Threefoot, a third-grader, on Supreme Court stationery. “Every good wish,” Ginsburg signed the note.