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Happy Saturday!! I am up before the rest of the family for some 'me' time!! This quote resonated with me because when I set my intentions for the day and I spend time reading first thing in the morning I have a better attitude for the day! So this morning it's personal development first! -you might wake up feeling rusty from the week! You might be exhausted from the grind of your 9-5 being a parent or being the taxi driver to your kids. But remember that when you feel your soul you begin to…


Got my @beyondfitmoms workout done early this morning, and BOTH of the @beyondfitkids are still sleeping (miracle!) so I'm drinking coffee and doing a little social media clean out. ☕️


Happy Wednesday. No matter how you feel this morning wake up and face the day with a smile. First the smile will trick you into being happy. Then it will trick others into thinking you're happy. Eventually? You just are happy. Facing uncertainty chaos difficulty or unhappiness with a positive outlook is good for your soul. Oh and because happiness is extremely contagious... You may just spread it around too. #writerscommunity #poetrycommunity #writing #writer #believe #loveyourself…


Love this inspirational quote by Robin Williams | "You are given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."