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I will find that religion. Then find Ed Sheeran. And we will get married and have the most beautiful babies and ya.


She did the unthinkable—divorcing the powerful leader of the Mormon Church, a man labeled a “living prophet” who was believed to speak directly with God. But Ann Eliza Young could not tolerate her position as “Wife No. 19” to Brigham Young, and in her rebellion, she exposed the horrors of polygamy.


Mormon Pioneers ~ This in-depth biography covers Elizabeth's life from her childhood to her first marriage to William Milam in Indiana, their removal to Nauvoo and Salt Lake City as Mormons, and her second marriage to William Wheeler.

LDS Church-run Brothels: this had to have been a divinely directed plan...right?? Brigham was such an ass.


One husband, two wives, 13 children: At home with the Mormon families of Rockland Ranch whose houses are blasted from a cliff

A place to call home: Enoch Foster, a fundamentalist Mormon practicing polygamy, along with his first wife Catrina Foster and several of his 13 children enter the Charity House at the Rockland Ranch community outside Moab, Utah

Letting them die: parents refuse medical help for children in the name of Christ

The Followers of Christ’s cemetery is full of graves marking the deaths of children who lived a day, a week, a month.


Fundamentalist Mormon wives pose for photo during 1944 polygamy trials [[MORE]] In 1944, Utah arrested 12 women and at least 15 men for unlawful cohabitation (polygamy, basically). The people arrested...

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