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Are gender-restricted church responsibilities based in doctrine or custom?

Are gender-restricted church responsibilities based in doctrine or custom? | Ask Mormon Girl

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"You are never too young to learn, never too old to change." —Russell M. Nelson #LDS

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You know, everyone says this... they all claim that their beliefs fit this model. Then they act totally antagonistic to one another. What we need to do is define what people think these empty platitudes actually mean before just tossing them around.

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Pray like you mean it! God wants to hear from you ❤️CODY❤️ #lds #sharegoodness #mormon

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fuck yeah, Tyler!<<this reply is perfection. I remember when it kinda clicked for me; my dad was complaining about the girls in my school (high school) wearing leggings and he said "it just... I mean it leaves nothing to the imagination." I then realized how fucked up that is.

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Philippians 4. Printable 8X10 Christian wall art decor

Printable, I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. Scripture Wall Art decor, Christian quotes and printables by dwellart.

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"Dressing modestly doesn't mean I lack confidence, it means I'm so confident I don't need to reveal my body to the world because I rather reveal my mind." Download the Whisper app for more. #WhisperApp #sassy #BlairWaldorf

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All the Kings and Queens I've known in history sent their people out to die for them. But I only knew one King who decided to die for his people.

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Stop It

People say I'm too nice. That I need to grow a back bone and stand up for myself. That I need to be mean every once in awhile. But I'd rather be good, treat others good, and put good into this mean world. I think I'm stronger and tougher than any "mean" person by smiling and walking away. I'll always do my best to choose to be good.

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One Powerful Quote from Every Talk This General Conference

We just finished another enlightening and wonderful weekend of general conference. In order to help us remember and take to heart the messages we heard, here is a quick summary of conference with one powerful quote from every talk given:

40 Ways to Help Refugees in Your Community | Mormon Channel. This could be incorporated into the service challenge we are giving to the youth for the remainder of the year. Also ties into the lesson "What is the Lord's way for providing for the poor and needy?"

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Do you know what it means to “speak with the tongue of angels”? Learn how this relates to singing praises, the fire of the Holy Ghost, joining God’s heavenly council, and coming to the temple. #Angels #Temples #TongueOfAngels #Sing #Mormon #LDS #BookofMormon #Knowhy

Living the gospel standards, even if it means standing alone at times, will provide opportunities to make a difference in the world. #lds #mormon #christian #sharegoodness #armyofhelaman #helaman #difference #ElaineSDalton

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Free LDS Womens General Conference Printables from October 2016 Session. :) #ldsconf #womensmeeting

Free LDS Womens General Conference Printables from October 2016 Session. :) #ldsconf #womensmeeting

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"Being ambitious for Christ means being motivated, focused, and dedicated to His work." -Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita LDS Quotes #lds #mormon #christian #sharegoodness #armyofhelaman #helaman #ldsconf

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The Actual Meaning of “Nephi” and 3 Other Book of Mormon Names

Readers of the Book of Mormon encounter hundreds of unique names not found elsewhere. Critics dismiss these names as gibberish or the creative invention of Joseph Smith. However, those willing to look deeper find that not only do many of the names fit within patterns of ancient Semitic languages but they can also have great personal meaning for each of us.

"To be worthy does not mean to be perfect." ~ Elder Gerrit W. Gong #LDSconf…

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