Thats how I feel with my best guy friend but instead of a friendship I say flirtation more than friends but less than a relationship :)

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It is painful but I'm happy I have the moments we share together, and who knows, maybe someday we'll be more than just friends. :)

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Almost ten yrs later & I realize how organic our relationship truly was. You were everything I never dreamed of....Friends b4 lovers & we clicked immediately, but there was always that underlining attraction. Your beauty pulled me in. I wasn't ready then, but I'm more than ready now.... "Boy I want that old flame back, make these moments once again comfort" lol

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Wow. You think someone cares, and then you realize what a mean, selfish, backstabbing person they are. And apparently hypocritical......all the times I was there for her and then she's going to turn around and #1 be nasty and cruel about being there for me and #2 be a hypocrite since I gave WAY more in the friendship than she did. Amazing.

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