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Brazil | Portrait of Suruna Indian father and son. Amazon | © Jesco von Puttkamer/Hard Rain Picture Library


Albert Speer (March 19, 1905 – September 1, 1981) was a German architect who was, for a part of World War II, Minister of Armaments and War Production for the Third Reich. Speer was Adolf Hitler's chief architect before assuming ministerial office. As "the Nazi who said sorry", he accepted responsibility at the Nuremberg trials and in his memoirs for crimes of the Nazi regime.


When time changed for the land of the rising sun and the noble samurai were no longer quite needed, the Ronin, masterless Samurai, appeared everywhere. Swords for hire with a moral code, they're responsible for some of the tales of heroism, we have...


More than talk about Aleppo. Do something. Write letters to congress-people asking them to take action. Donate clothes and food to organizations that help out. Educate your friends and family. Donate food and supplies to Doctors Without Boarders. Ask your school to hold an assembly. Rally for donations at your school or church or community center. Take action.


Did you know who gets the money from your typical $10 T-shirt? #EthicalFashion #FairTrade See also:


Patrick Stewart: the legacy of domestic violence

Patrick Stewart: "Our house was small, and when you grow up with domestic violence in a confined space you learn to gauge, very precisely, the temperature of situations. I knew exactly when the shouting was done and a hand was about to be raised – I also knew exactly when to insert a small body between the fist and her face, a skill no child should ever have to learn. Curiously, I never felt fear for myself and he never struck me, an odd moral imposition that would not allow him..."


I'm trying to write my thank you card to mr ward the thing is the only thing that comes into my head is "dear sir thank you for teaching me gcse history and helping me realise my love for Stalin" what's wrong with me @Chloe Rule ?!? Hahaha xx


Featuring good manners, table manners and how to treat others respectfully. This poster will ensure that children of all ages enjoy the benefits that come from being polite and respectful to others.