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Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding

ahhhh...organization. Im gowing to make certain that there are outlets in my broom closet so I can charge my swiffers


Five Best Carpet Cleaners For Home Use • News To Review -

Use zip ties to put all those hangy things with all sorts of different kinds of hangy holes on the same kind of hook.

Setting Up a Montessori Home for Toddlers

Adaptive/self-help: The cleaners allows children to pick up and clean after themselves without asking for help. Children can do this in the classroom and at home. AE 4.4


Brush Broom and Mop Holder Storage Tidy Organiser Wall Rack The Dustpan and Brush Store


I like this Idea. Maybe use this space as a pantry instead. Would work perfect for the way my kitchen is set up.


No Corner Un-Spiffy 11-Piece Cleaning Set by Full Circle | Zola Wedding Registry

From this easy-to-maneuver mop and broom duo to sponges, scrubbers, and dusters designed for every nook, cranny, and last-minute mess, there’s no speck or spot that this set can't spiff. Features: Easy-to-handle mop, broom, and handheld scrubbers Wet, dry, and dusting tools to cleanse every surface type with ease Includes: 1 Mighty Mop 3 Refresh scrubber sponges 2 Stretch counter scrubbers 1 Grunge Buster grout & tile brush 1 Clean Sweep broom 1 Clean Team brush & dustpan s...