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Arianrhod, "The Silver Wheel" or "High Fruitful Mother" is a Celtic (Welsh) goddess & deity of element of air, reincarnation, full moons, time, karma & retribution. The palace of this sky goddess was Caer Arianrhold (Aurora Borealis). She is keeper of the Silver Wheel of stars, a symbol of time & karma. Her ship, Oar Wheel, carried dead warriors to Emania (Moon-land).


Juno/Optima Maxima/Moon Goddess watches & protects women from the time they are born until they pass through the veil. Juno reresents the Mother, the Full Moon, & is worshipped as giver of light on a full moon. Round & full like a woman's womb carrying a child, ancients believed birth to be Her greatest concern & newborns were said to be blessed & guarded by Juno. The month of June is named after the Goddess. Juno should be invoked in rituals to restore a woman's self-worth.

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Áine, the Faery Goddess

Aine, Irish goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty. In Christian times she became a fairy queen. More


I said it again But could I please rephrase it Maybe I can catch a ride I couldn't really put it much plainer But I'll wait till you decide Send me your warning siren As if I could ever hide Last time La Luna (Le Bon)