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"i want to know how. why. i want to discover the secrets of the universe and i want to *believe*."

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Crystal cleanse moon phase calendar

I'm so excited about the charging process for the crystal collections in the new supply shop. Each crystal is charged beneath a full prairie moon, right along the heart-centre gridlines of the Great White North. The charging process will happen approximately once per month, whenever the full moon finds us. I wanted to create a guide that explained the names and energy of the different moons that will charge the collections over the year. The prairie polar cleanse charging calendar fol...


Where all belief system originate from Egyptian, Babylonian, Isrealite, Mongols, Episcopalian, Catholics etc.... Here is a great chart of the Wheel Of The Year, it includes, the 8 Sabbats, The Solstices and Equinox, the Astrological signs, the Native American Astrological signs, the directions, the colours of each seasons, the moon names and the element representing each.

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Book of Shadows Page on FULL MOON NAMES - Wicca - Witchcraft - BOS Pages