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How Hollywood's Favorite Juice Bar Owner Eats Every Day

Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice (Hollywood's favorite juice bar) shares her daily routine—and diet full of fantastical-sounding superfoods you've probably never heard of and will want to try.


5 All Natural Beauty Products That Actually Work


Moon Juice: Sex Bark & Truffles

GP’s Brain Activating Adaptogenic Drink

Designed especially for GP, who was complaining of brain fog and too many amnesiac moments, this drink is packed with powders and nutrients that will leave you feeling energized, calm, and clear-headed. Brain dust increases …


A Secret Beauty Brew for Glowing Skin

Beauty Brew for Glowing Skin Ingredients: 12 ounces almond milk (any nut or seed milk you prefer) 1 tablespoon Beauty Dust 2 tablespoons Tocotrienols 1 teaspoon Lucuma 1 teaspoon rose water, one tsp 1/2 teaspoon pearl powder A pinch of raw vanilla powder Stevia or raw honey, to taste


Do Moon Juice Dusts Really Work?

How Moon Juice is changing the wellness game—again

Transformative Moon Dusts & Tonics. Cosmic Provisions. The Moon Pantry. Divine juices. Magical Moon Milks. Abundant cleanses. Lunar apothecary. Stellular gifts.


Sun Tonic & Moon Tonic

Sun & Moon Tonics One to make as soon as you wake… to take with the sun and breathe life into your day. The other to sip by the side of the moon… relaxing the soul and preparing the body for a night filled with restful dreams.