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15 Activities for Learning Shapes

Pre-writing practice. This is a typical Montessori activity - the sand tray - you can also use salt (white or coloured) on the light panel.

Pre-writing Exercise - I could make it myself with a cookie tray, salt/sand/flour/whatever you have - and draw a couple things for kids to copy.

Tracer au doigt dans le sel (ou sable ou semoule) c'est débuter sensitivement l'écriture sans tenue du stylo difficile- Montessori.

19 Ridiculously Simple DIYs Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know

Had when i worked in a preschool and kids love them! I would use colored sand instead of white salt. DIY salt tray with alphabet cards. Easy to make and kids have fun smoothing out the salt after correctly making the letter

Hand Crafted Montessori Practical Life Clothesline Activity. This work is always a favorite! Children love activities that mimic real life, especially tasks they see adults doing. This miniature clothesline and laundry basket is so engaging, your child will choose this again and again. Self mastery brings an overwhelming sense of accomplishment! The best part is they will be strengthening their writing grip, fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination and building endurance, all while having…

Hand Crafted Montessori Practical Life Clothesline Activity Fine Motor Pincer Grip Hand/Eye Coordination Teacher Resources Home Schooling(Teacher Favorite List)

O método montessori foi idealizado pela médica e educadora Maria Montessori e suas principais características são o desenvolvimento naturais social...

Método Montessori: brincadeiras e quarto montessoriano

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Great for fine motor control! Trace the shapes with beans or small manipulatives to make designs. Could also have them glue down birdseed in patterns for Kindergarten.

This word building activity travel kit is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers for long car rides. Use sight words, color words or word families.

Word Building Activity Travel Kit

This word building activity travel kit is perfect for preschoolers for road trips and long car rides and you can customize it with sight words, color words, word families, or whatever your child is currently learning. Great for a summer learning activity.

(For ages 15 months to 24 months, PHG 3.1)Color Sort

Balloon Color Bop~ A fun, easy, way for your child to learn their colors! Every kid L-O-V-E-S balloons! What you need: 2 (or more) baskets the balloons to your number of Baskets Multi-Colored Construction Paper Enjoy!

Retour au choses sérieuses, voici l’activité préférée de mes élèves : le tri de graines. Je découvre grâce à cette activité de type Montessori chez mes élèves les plus agités une capacité bien enfouie! à se concentrer et à mener une activité à son terme. Ils sont captivés!

youpi mercredi #16 : le tri de graines

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What makes an activity Montessori? Read this to simplify Montessori at home using the specific properties of Montessori materials as a filter when considering "Montessori-inspired" activity ideas you see online.

Making Montessori Materials at Home. What Makes an Activity "Montessori"?

Montessori stereognostic activities for children around 2.5 years - 4 years - a DIY mystery box (from How we Montessori)

Montessori stereognostic activities for children around years - 4 years - a DIY mystery box (from How we Montessori) (Box Diy Ideas)