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Gosto imenso da forma como este autor desenha as suas personagens. Baby monsters by Chris Ryniak

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Didn't you all say something about shadows?<<< Reminds me of when Dormin possesses Wander at the end of the game....

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(1) This work is by John Kenn Mortensen. (2) The intent of this work is to give a tangible representation of depression. (3) The dark figure is behind the man, yet he dominates the whole of the piece. The lack of color helps convey to the viewer a sense of sadness, and depiction of depression as a monster, its teeth wide, explains the pain on the man's face. (4) The theme of the work is depression.

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What Mythical Creature Are You?

The creature was humanoid, but it's body seemed to be made of woven wood. It's eyes were two glowing holes, and it's hair was a thick, elegant carpet of moss. It's hands were branches, leaves included, and it's feet were roots that twisted and dragged the thing along as smoothly as if it were walking.

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Community Post: 42 Truly Haunting Pieces Of Art

The Fomorians from Irish mythology are steeped in mystery. It is unknown where they came from, or the length of time they had knowledge of Ireland, and what actually happened to them. Lady Gregory describes one Fomorian habitat as a glass tower in the sea. Many people describe them as sea fairies or sea monsters. My best guess is that they were Nephilim!

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Monsters (Gallery)/Page 19

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