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MONSTER MUD A+ • "Most tutorials you will encounter tell you that you want 1 gallon of paint to a 5 gallon bucket of drywall compound.• Truth is, there is no magic formula, just mix some of each and start to play. If you want to be fighting to try to fit 6 gallons of stuff into a 5 gallon bucket, more power to you. • My own recipe is: 1 5 gallon bucket. 1 BOX of drywall compound. 1 gallon latex paint." UnOrthodOx -halloweenforum


This isn't normally my 'thing' when it comes to Halloween decor. But someone took an existing, almost cheesy product, distressed it and actually made it a pretty great-looking piece.

from TheBoyandMe

Creating Wild Art: Forest Faces

Creating Wild Art: Forest Faces and Mud Monsters using woodland treasures.


The Weeper: How many kids would dare approach a porch with this guy sitting there? Could be either an awesome prop or an amazing costume depending on how sadistic you're feeling toward the trick-or-treaters.