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How to make Shoulder armor - Monster Hunter series "Gianosu Soubi" - GYAKUYOGA [Tutorial of Cosplay weapon,aromor,prop] -- Uses EVA foam.

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In Japan, the Monster Hunter series is something of a legend. Every gamer worth their salt in Japan knows about Monster Hunter, as each new iteration in the franchise, is met with high critique and commercial success. However, this is not the case over here in the States. The first time ...

Capcom Monster Hunter Series: Tigrex 4" Plush,

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Shah Dalamadur

Shah Dalamadur is a Subspecies of Dalamadur introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. This subspecies features a lighter, sand-colored hide with red-orange spines. It is roughly the same size as its common counterpart.

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The Monster Hunters Monsters are real and it turns out that there is good money to be made killing them! Welcome to Monster Hunter International! Introducing the first three entries in Larry Correia Monster Hunter series