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Money+Sign+Tattoo+Designs | Small diamond tattoo. Money sign with jewels. Diamond with money signs ...


When it Rains Look for Rainbows sign

When it Rains look for rainbows When it's dark look for stars pyrography sign by HecticEclecticUK on Etsy


Tryzub (Ukrainian Trident)he Tryzub (pronounced “treh-zoob”) is the ubiquitous symbol of Ukraine. The ancient symbol is believed to have originated as a tribal symbol; today it is emblazoned on the country’s flag, on postage, money, business logos, even Easter eggs! The highly stylized version seen almost everywhere in Ukraine originated as the family crest of Volodymyr, a tenth century Ukrainian Prince. Today, the tryzub is worn as a symbol of national pride, as a symbol of the Christian…

the idea of triskele is super dope to me. I'm thinking maybe this with a ouroboros collaboration for my next piece