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25 fabulous homemade gifts

Money balloons! Easy birthday present! Looks super cute and is better than just given money or a gift card


To hang from his door... I usually use streamers but thought this might be fun for a change... not to mention the boy is nuts about balloons!


Im skipping the card aisle next time and giving a Money Balloon instead. How many kids love a birthday card?? How many kids love BALLOONS??


Simple Fundraiser- double decker - have two packs of same cards - lay down one pack and put prizes on top most have boobie prizes such as sweets, balloons, party favours but one or two have big prizes like box of chocolates or money or bubble bath. People buy a card from corresponding down turned deck, they then turn card over and match to upturned deck to win that prize


Have kids? Nieces or nephews? Grand kids? If so, take a look because they're going to LOVE this.


Have you ever wondered how to give a money gift without shoving a few bills in a card? Well, here's an idea for you!!