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Monday Motivation: Whether or not you feel good about your eating from the weekend, it’s over and done. Every day is a new opportunity to have a great eating day and start working towards achieving important goals. Start today, right this minute!

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always exercise on monday. this sets the psychological pattern for the rest of the week

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Four simple rules: - Never miss a Monday - Never go three days without exercise - Work out at least three days a week - Never give up

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Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on improving yourself. #inspiration #yoga #bikramyoga Heat Up Your Life! Bikram Yoga London

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Fitness Inspiration: It's a New Week

"The difference between your body this week & next week is what you do for the next 7 days to achieve your goals. It's a new week. Make it count." What are you going to do to improve your health this week? Don't wake up next Monday with regrets, instead wake up knowing that you squeezed every ounce of juice out of the last 7 days. Get after it!

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As fair as I'll get out so suck it up all you peeps who think it's hard its not so that's a burn on peeps who think it's hard

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