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Robert Rauschenberg - bed- a tribute to his lover Jasper Johns after the end of…


Etching plate: 18 3/16 x 14 7/8" (46.2 x 37.8 cm) The Frugal Repast (Le repas frugal) Pablo Picasso 1904 The Museum of Modern Art - MoMA 11 West 53 Street - New York, NY 10019-5497

10/13/16 Le Tricorne is a pochoir by Pablo Picasso, a Spanish artist. This piece depicts a figure dressed in a formal attire, who seems to have his/her arms in motion. This piece interests me because it's from a collection of costume designs for a ballet that Picasso designed himself.

10/13/16 Male Model by the French artist Henri Matisse depicts a stationary figure through a slightly abstract form. I like this piece because Matisse used correct proportions while interpreting the subject in his own way.

Learn more at Curator Paola Antonelli introduces the exhibition Design and the Elastic Mind and explains some of the major th...

Takashi Murakami ^ Tan Tan Bo, 2001. "dobojite," or "why?" Mr. DOB. (1996) Gallery:


10/7/16 This painting, Untiltled (Die Burg), is by the German artist Thomas Schütte. In his piece, Schütte uses the complementary colors blue and orange to create contrast between the edge of the window and the outside. This piece interests me because the subject is very simplistic, but through texture the piece as a whole becomes more complicated.

10/7/16 This Lithograph, Big Red Wrench, is by the American Artist Jim Dine. In the positive space Dine uses Warm colors, while in the negative space he uses cool colors to create contrast between the subject and the background. This piece interests me because of its unique subject matter, a pipe wrench. I also like how the piece appears to be spray painted.