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This is... very fake. The name is Mommy, so that means the grey is the mother. Plus, it looks like it's from smartphowned and anything that comes from that site is fake

I have a question? If the mom is the one who's point of view it is. then why does it say mommy at the top as if she was texting her mom, those who say that it could be her mom , why would she promise ice cream and say she was evil?

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Woman’s Hilarious Texts to Her Mom Go Viral

The Way This Daughter Terrorizes Her Mother Over Text Is Cruel. But So Very Funny<<< Lol love you too mom

haha i am going to text that to someone and see what they do! haha

I want that mom. But I still love my mom. So in case she sees this, I love you mommy.

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Moms Universe: 8 instances that show they are unbeatable

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from Temple Hills, Maryland sent in this text message conversation. This mom needs to brush up her phone skills. Maybe her friend Betty can help. See more funny phone mistakes here!

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