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Lamproderma ovoideum. This species is a myxomycete or slime mould. Myxomycetes are not fungi in the strict sense, but have historically been grouped with fungi

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Recycled Pendent Lights

diy light fixtures using repurposed objects | Recycled Pendent Lights

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Do You Need To Tackle Mould On Window Sills?

Tackling mould on window sills is a pain, know what to use to get rid of the mould is key to removing it for good.

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Home + Mold // A common problem in Germany is finding mold in humid areas of the home. The best way to help deter mold is to allow fresh air from the outside to cross ventilate throughout the home 2x a day for 15 mins at a time. Due to the type of constructions, some of the older & even newer homes have bad wall structure that can be simply preventable (airing out + soap + water) or unless the wall itself is severely damage, then wall repairs will be needed.

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Natural Cold Process Solid Shampoo on The Soap Kitchen at

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Jo Hyam - made by sandwiching silk fibres, tiny pieces of fabric and textured threads between layers of soluble film & machine stitched. I may add hand stitching, beads, or glitter. - damp cloth is placed over a mould, eg a vase, a medium (such as varnish) added, and left to dry; the more shaped, ruched or folded pieces will be dried with a hair drier to set the piece before being left for up to a week to dry completely.

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How to Make Botanical Jewelry and Bookmarks with Pressed Flowers and Resin

Suspended in crystal clear resin birds fly, stars are born, women dance and universes take eternal pause. Swirling colors freeze in whirling time, sparkles are captured, and the body becomes more than a vehicle from one place to another, it becomes...

Magazine: DIY Wedding Favour Ideas; Gifts From The Kitchen Lollipop Recipe (

Brides Magazine: DIY Wedding Favour Ideas; Gifts From The Kitchen Lollipop Recipe (

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