Mohamed hadid wife

She should know: Gig poses with her mother, Dutch model Yolanda, left, who worked as a model herself and is now married to Canadian record producer David Foster

Going Nude from Bella Hadid's Best Looks Not many people can pull off nude leggings and matching crop top, but Bella makes it look easy.

Famous family: Real-estate developer Mohamed has three children with ex-wife Yolanda Foste...

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Gigi Hadid and dad (Mohamed Hadid) - - - he is rich, but now, he is alone. what is the use of having a lot of wealth if it is must filled with emptiness, without a wife and children?? it is worthless to having a lot of money if cannot taking care of a marriage.

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والدي المعمارية العراقية زها حديد Mr. Mohamed Hadid, the former Iraqi Minister of Finance and his wife, the parents of architectural Zaha Hadid.

How the other half lives: Mohamed Hadid, 67, and his wife Shiva Safai showed off their inc...

Health issues: Mohamed's ex-wife, Yolanda Foster, 52, revealed last October that two of their kids have been battling the disease, which she suffers from, for over three years; here she is also pictured with her supermodel daughter, Gigi Hadid (far left)

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