Modular shelving

Back when I was just starting out in my first apartment, I piled up milk crates to store all my worldly goods. It was a simple idea, and it worked like a charm. Fast-forward many years: Faced with a need to store and display lots more stuff, I made plywood boxes in two sizes and mixed them up, adding doors to some and painting the inside backs of others the same color as my wall. The result was a stunning showcase that’s adaptable to any situation and includes useful storage space.

Modular Masterpiece: Build a Fully Customizable Modular Bookshelf

Modular Masterpiece: Build a Fully Customizable Modular Bookshelf A stunning wall unit that’s infinitely flexible—customize it to suit your space and your stuff. - My Easy Woodworking Plans

The Tetra modular shelving system can be used as a single unit or built up to create endless configurations.

Tetra Modular Shelving System

Transform Your Desk Into a Dreamy Workspace

This type of shelving is inexpensive, but spray paint those ugly metal strips and paint the shelves or don't. But you could adapt the shelves to your own personal needs.

Custom maple plywood bookcase with a plethora of color laminate. Spring has sprung for this modern bookshelf! Made by Kerf Design in Seattle, Washington

Maple plywood bookcase with a plethora of color laminate. Note different-sized cubbies, and that some are coloured on the inside and others left plain. Sliding doors at bottom.

UGO minimal shelving system


UGO is a minimal shelving system created by Spain-based designer Jorge de la Cruz.

Love this idea... I've also seen it done with wine crates and office boxes from IKEA.

DIY Wine Crate Storage Projects

This is virtually my system for storage - only with wine boxes and IKEA Rast. My apartment is literally a natural wood-fest. Keep thinking of painting everything bright colours, but not sure if I can make the leap!

Simple yet modern. Achieve the same look with Abstracta Modular Displays 13mm system. visit to learn more.

Modern living demands flexibility, so it’s important that our homes can respond…