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ReStyle: Multifunctional modular furniture. ReStyle is not one object, but a cluster of multifunctional modular forms. Each form is individually designed to serve many purposes and to be of use in almost any room in the house, but when needed the group comes together to build one compact coffee table. The whole ReStyle system invites purposeful interaction with our living environment and the design promotes product longevity through versatility.


Modular Furniture – Always The Better Choice And Perfect For Small Spaces

honeycombed storage units stacked in multiple arrangements in black and white color themed units for use both on the floor and wall


Fractal Modular Table from Design by Them timber and black metal frame, boardroom or training room office table


Downtown living has its perks, but you better believe that space is a rare commodity. In order to combat the lack of excess space, we are constantly on the search for furniture, and design pieces that will enhance our living space – furniture pieces like the Bloc’d Sofa. This completely modular couch was inspired by one of our favorite childhood video games, Tetris. The soft maple and steel frame allows the 18 foam cushions to be set up in a number of different configurations, limited only…


Multiplo Versatile and modular furniture concept are best suited for any home which can be used as the bed, table, sitting room and much more in some easy moves. #minimalist #design


Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O

Tabouret La Subtile « “Birds of a feather flock together” is the principle behind La Subtile’s Tabouret, with its light, regular lines. The Tabouret is characterised by an airy profile, delicate forms and the strength of its metallic composition.


Metal Stool was developed by Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taiani and has a modular design and style. A number of of these modules can be stacked and grouped in a variety of combinations. No screws or glue are necessary for assembly. Arrive up with your very own types and you can create seating, shelving, tables and many other beneficial pieces of furniture.


Branka Blasius e il minimalismo creativo