this one (for one wall). The Best of Modern Wallpaper Design: Dark & Dramatic

The Best of Modern Wallpaper Design: Dark & Dramatic

Angles Copper Rose / White wallpaper by Erica Wakerly

Erica Wakerly Wallpaper - A graphic pattern wallpaper design featuring copper metallic lines which reflect the light.

I have been loving this wallpaper for a while but just can't find the place for it in my house...maybe I could use it to wallpaper the back of bookshelf?!

The Graham and Brown Mode Darcy Wallpaper:Designed by Graham , Brown.Part of the Graham and Brown Mode Family.Materials: Approx of this wallpaper is sourced from recycled material or from FSC-certified (Forestry Stewardship C

Step-by-Step DIY Metallic Linear Wallpaper | Modern Masters Silver Metallic Paint | CB2

DIY Linear Wallpaper

Looks suspiciously like marble. Is actually wallpaper made from carbon powder!! By Custhom design in the UK: #wallpaper #interiors

Overview Igneous is a design made from carbon powder and using Custhom’s innovative process of hand-foiling wallpapers, creates a unique distressed or highly polished finish in a wide range of metalli