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How to make a popular North Indian recipe for Gajrela, carrot fudge cups, with a modern twist for your next cultural celebration.

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Enormous Paper Cut Art (7 pics)

Tomoko Shioyasu takes huge sheets of synthetic paper and carefully and repeatedly cuts away at it. Using utility knives and soldering irons, she meticulously chisels the paper until she creates intricately carved patterns or swirling designs.

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The quintessential KA-BAR. Perfectly weighted and balanced, available in different tip styles for slashing versus stabbing, optional utility serrated segment and polymer/wood grips, and even includes a fuller down the spine of the blade. One of the best modern daggers in existence.

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These are my throwing knifes. LOOK AT THERE COLOR!!!!!!!!!! (i'm a daughter of Iris btw)

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Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife (Green)

Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife (Green) my dad had one lasted him most of his life in and out of the army a really tough, durable survival and camping knife quite simply one of the old school survival knives one tough bastard of a knife got one myself for camping and my inch bag it'll never let you down !!

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Tom Sterling states: "Another knife I just finished. This one is (very!) loosely based on the Japanese kiridashi style knife (basically a general purpose/utility sort of blade). I "Americanized" it by using a standard Western-style double edge bevel rather than the traditional Japanese single side chisel bevel. It's 1095 carbon steel with copper scales and three steel pins, 2 1/4 inch blade, 7 inches overall length."

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